Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Out of Queue?

Ravelry sure has changed things around, hasn't it?

This past visit to Stitches East (the last in my dear Baltimore, I am afraid) helped me decide to kick a pattern out of my "queue" or "line" for knitting. Although I really like the pattern, I am no longer going to consider February Lady for knitting. Apparently, most people already assume I have, so why bother?

I wore my cotton, cropped Juliet, and got so many compliments - "What a great February Lady!" and "I like your February Lady." that I just might as well say I've done it. Actually, those people probably thought I couldn't follow a pattern to save my life!

Truly, the two patterns are very similar (probably why I liked the idea of February Lady so much), but different just the same. The basic idea is the same - garter stitch top, followed by an interesting lace pattern bodice. The FL includes lovely sleeves and buttons in "normal" places (I actually like the abnormal occasionally!) and is meant for worsted weight yarn. The Juliet was intended for a bulky yarn, or holding a worsted doubled throughout. Tomato, to-mah-to. I'm kicking FL out.

Since, apparently, I've already knit it in so many other knitters eyes, I'll move on to patterns I haven't knit yet! Maybe one day I'll knit everything in my queue that I want and have time to go back and "reknit" something.

Until then, get out of line, Ms. Lady. Make room for something new. (Which will, of course, have to wait until after the Christmas-knitting rush, which started about two weeks ago. Only and entire Lizard Ridge, NaNiSweMo to finish, and some spinning this year. Oh, and two scarves for Special Olympics that I could NOT say no to - now how the heck did that happen????).



Blogger Pheelya said...

Congrats! You name was pulled :)

Please contact me at pheelya AT yahoo DOT com


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