Saturday, November 01, 2008

It's Like Waiting for Christmas!

That's what it feels like, just waiting for next week to arrive!!! I can't wait. Why? Well how about:

1. Elect-Obama-Day, aka Election Day, 2008. I will be sorely disappointed in my country if things don't turn out "blue" that day, but waiting to actually go cast my vote for Obama is really like waiting for Christmas. I know that people are saying, "either way, it's an historic vote" but I want it my way! I like going into an election with the gut feeling that there truly is a "best" candidate out there, and that I plan to vote for him (or her, but that's not me - at least this election, anyway)!

2. STITCHES!!! Stitches East starts on Thursday in Baltimore. I am taking Friday off completely, so I plan to do my motherly duty and drop The Boy off for school in the morning, then jet up the highway! I should be there just in time for some good market shopping before lunch.

I plan to scope out Webs, Woolstock Knit Shop, and Tess' Designer Yarns first. I'm hoping to score a good price on some bags of yarn at Woolstock. They have REALLY good discounts, especially at these shows. I'm wishing for a nice bag of Noro Silk Garden or Iro (I passed up the Iro at Sheep and Wool, found a skein of it, used it for a Christmas present and fell in love, so I'm really hoping they still are giving the discounts on this yarn!!!) I do not plan to make the same mistake twice! I'll even take Noro Kureyon, since I'm also in love with the Lizard Ridge Afghan, and have two that I want to knit. I want the one for my son to keep at his dad's to be 1,000 different colors, but mine can be one simple color scheme and I'll be happy.

Other than that, I want some Tess Silk and Wool or Silk and Ivory for the Cable Down Raglan, and I'll check there and Webs as well for the yarn for the new Sexy Knitters Club KAL of Baby Cables and Big Ones Too. I actually started this pattern with some Caron "Country" but the braided, acrylic blend is not quite right for the cables. I plan to try Snow White with that yarn instead, as soon as I can figure out my size. I had planned to knit the size 36 with this yarn, since I'm getting a nice fabric that's a little bit more than gauge from the swatch I did for Baby Cables. A closer look at the pattern today, however, tells me that the final measurements mean I should knit a 2X!!!! What's up with that??? I know I've gained a few, but I'm not THAT big! Since this is supposed to be a knit that has a wide range of sizes, I think a trip to Ysolda's blog to check out her sizing guides is due before I commit, but I plan to cast on later tonight. Check back tomorrow for a progress/cast-on pic!

(The "not-quite-right" beginning of Baby Cables, snuggled up with the pattern for Snow White - the yarn is trying to decide what it wants to be!!)
Anyone else going to Stitches? Let me know if you plan to meet up at the Ravelry lunch on Saturday - I'm actually doing the Fashion Show and staying overnight Friday at the Mariott, so that I can shop and possibly do a market session on Saturday before heading back to my part of the state. I love meeting my bloggy friends, and Ravelry (and Stitches, for that matter) really knows how to throw a party, so give me a heads up so we can meet!!!



Blogger Kathy said...

Be sure to say hi when you're at Stitches Friday!


P.S. Legos RULE - our boys love them too :)

7:10 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

Kathy - you KNOW I'm coming to see you Friday (and Saturday too, who am I trying to kid???). I am soooooooooooo looking forward to it!


8:10 AM  

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