Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Can Stop Anytime I Want To

Honest. I can. (I think I can, I think I can, I think. . . )

This weekend I spent in relative peace. As opposed to TheWeekendFromHell the week before. Man, The Boy keeps me busy! We had to turn one birthday party down, then we STILL made time to: Have "movie night" - Transformers was the choice of the week - great special effects, silly story - go to the Renaissance Festival, party at the Soccer-dome (birthday party #2), read a book or two (I think), go to a soccer game (they lost - big time!), try to relax, do some laundry (he helps load the machine), and OF COURSE play outside. I needed a nap after that. Too bad I don't get them more often!

So this weekend, with virtually no one around (The Boy was at his dad's for the weekend, my mom went to visit her sister), I felt like I had a ton of things I could do. This is what I actually DID do:

Watched "Because I Said So" while trying to knit the cuff of my Hogwarts Pal's sock. We already know this did not work out to my advantage. As a result, I wound up undoing, then redoing the same knitting Sunday morning while watching "My Super Ex-girlfriend." That attempt worked much better, probably because I had very little desire to actually watch the screen during that second movie. What was Uma Thurman thinking?

In between all that cuff knitting, I rearranged my entire living room in order to fit this monster in there:

This is my new stash-management tool. It holds lots!!!!!!! My stash is pretty much contained in this one unit now. I still need to get one small container out of the attic, and all my sock yarns are in the basket beside the couch in the family room, but other than that, this baby holds it all!
The one bin that is closed in the picture holds my fiber for spinning. The back left one has UFOs, the two in the front are "stash." On the left is stash in general, and the right bin holds things that are actually waiting to go on the needles. My "cue" if you will. Of course, the projects in progress are in bags in various places. Spinning-wise, too! In the picture, you can see (besides my horribly mauve walls) some red Jitterbug, various laceweights, some black cashmere from Stitches in the discount, discount bin - I think I paid $35.00 for 1300 yards! Ca-ching! In the left corner is also a couple colorways of Koigu - yum! I actually wound up changing my mind on what I was going to use that for, so it's still in my stash, waiting for the next opportunity. It may become some keyhole scarves for gifties for my co-workers.

Also in the ottoman are two more of the things I picked up at Stitches:

Some Louisa Harding that I might make into this summer-y top. I'm also considering making it up into the Kimono Cardigan pattern I got from Ellen's Half Pint at the show as well. Not sure yet, but the bag of yarn was only $40 from Woolworks, so I couldn't pass it up. They always have great deals there - if you're into Noro, there were bags and bags and bags of all types for cheap, cheap (well, as cheap as Noro can get).

Next is some "Rainbow" yarn from Valley Yarns. I love this yarn. I'm not really a yarn snob, I don't think, but this is the most excited an acrylic yarn has made me in a long time. It's actually a blend, and it's spun with slubs now and then that make it look like it would be a bulky weight yarn, but it actually knits up at about a DK weight. I'm going to make the cardigan you see pictured with it. But, first I have to finish at least one of the sweaters I'm currently working on - I have two in progress (and two I need to "tweak" from last year so I can actually wear them). The yarn and the pattern came from WEBS, and of course, was a deal - gotta love WEBS!

More on my progress later. I need to go relax and knit! Tomorrow is Halloween, after all, and a mom/teacher needs her rest!



Blogger Adrienne said...

I'm impressed! Everything is so nice and neat....wanna come to my house?

6:02 AM  
Blogger Rani said...

OMG! I just sent you two more skeins to add to that stash. I AM AN ENABLER! Maybe there should be a group for us . . .

2:36 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Um, that is a lot of yarn! You'd better quit blogging and start knitting!

Your Sister

11:16 AM  

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