Sunday, June 10, 2007

Finishing School

Okay - let's talk about the English language and how much we can change words around to fit our own interpretation. Lawyers (and, ahem, presidents!) do it all the time, so why can't we here? Not that I want to be considered on the same moral ground as some of our more recent presidents (at least at times, Bill), but I'm all for some wordplay. How can we interpret this title?

Finishing School: For me, right now, said this way, it means I am almost finished with my first year of teaching first grade. I am soooooooooooo tired, I can't even tell you. I don't think there are words for this kind of tired. Can't be - I hope no one else has ever felt this before, or ever will again. It's like a small mack truck or freight train runs over me each and every day. As if the 25 6-year olds weren't enough, there's report cards to write, inventory to take, and - oh yeah - my room to pack up for the renovation crew to come in this Friday. The kids leave this Thursday. You do the math - it indeed means there's only one extra day for me to pack my $%^&. Bummer.

"Finishing School" - this way it is meant to be a lesson to myself and all other proctastinating knitters that I do, indeed, get things finished, even when it's two different swaps that end at the same time, and that end at the end of my first year teaching first grade. Whew - I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Let's go in for some photo relief while we rest, shall we:

This is my Hogwarts Sock Swap package, all set and ready for the Owl Post!!! I really loved these socks, and can't wait to make my own out of similar yarn. It's Regia Bamboo Color, and it's so soft and springy! I got a similar colorway at the same time as this, trying to decide which was the best for the Ravensclaw House colors. I decided on the above, and I really like the arrangement. Hope my pal does as well!

This is the final package(s) for my Secret Pal. We are on round 10 now, and I think this may be it for me for a while. I have been spoiled rotten by my own pals - very fortunate, indeed, but I have not been a very good spoilER, so I'm gonna hang up my hat after this round. Those of you who have been reading/watching/keeping track will notice that a lot of the stuff in this package were SUPPOSED to have been sent about a month ago. I never got around to it. I had the second package boxed up and ready to go, then needed a reminder about my pal's address. After I got that, I hemmed and hawed, because, well, the box wasn't just right, and I didn't want my pal's drop spindle to get munched in the US Postal Service. Not trash talkin', just keepin' it real.

So, the exchange ends this Friday, and hopefully my pal will have all her goodies in hand by then. I plan to take these packages off to the PO tomorrow after work.

That's the plan.

So basically, that's my "news" right now - I'm finishing stuff (baby hats galore are also falling off the needles, but I'll post more about them later, when I can get the pictures together as well. My friend Jamey is having her second girl in September. I knit a blanket for baby girl #1, and just DO NOT feel like another blanket right now. So, baby #2 will get hats, hats, and more hats, all handknit by Auntie Heather with love. Yay.

Finishing. School. Finishing School. That's me in a nutshell.

I'm off to write report card comments. YUCK.



Blogger Kelly said...

Don't beat yourself up about secret pal 10...You have been the best spoiler ever! I love every last thing that you sent me and I didn't mind waiting on it at all. It just got my anticipation up all that much more!

Thanks for being my pal. I wish that everyone could have a pal like you!


8:33 AM  

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