Saturday, June 02, 2007

So sorry for ----\/ below. Didn't mean to bring any negative energy to this space, but it's how I was feeling. Last night I considered removing it, but, hey - it's what I had to say, and this space is where I say those things, so, it stays. Thanks, Del, for the hugs!!

Life has been rolling right along, however. I keep meaning to post about this:

A couple weeks ago, I went to see the incredible Joshua Redman at Blues Alley. He is soooooooo awesome! I even got all groupie and chased him up the stairs and into the coat check room after the show to get his autograph! So, my version of the above CD cover has his signature scrawled all over it. It's going in a shadowbox. I swear. I love this man's music!

Wanna know about the night? Well, it started out pretty well. I went with my good friend Dave on Mother's Day. We got severly lost getting there, then got 100% drenched in a torrential downpour going from the parking garage to The Alley, but luckily, it stopped raining just before they let us in for the show. Also just before the show, as we stood there, soaking wet, huddled under the same umbrella, who should walk by? The Man himself. I saw someone come out of the door, looked over, thought - hey, he looks familiar. As he passed right by us, I realized that it was JOSHUA REDMAN! We wondered where he was going! As we were being seated, we kept wondering - where the heck did he go? What if he gets rained on? Not that it would matter - he's got positively no hair, and wears it well!

Just before the show started, in he walks. He went right through the crowd like we're just folks sitting in his living room, and dashed up the stairs where the stars/acts wait, with a bag of CHICKEN AND FRIES!!!!! He must have needed a fix from somewhere local, cause he definitely had to know where he was going to get out there, get the goods, and get back in that short amount of time!

Had I been a much more together groupie, and slightly less impaired with vino, I'd have asked him "Hey, which chicken joint did you run off to before the show?" Ah well, I did shake his hand (very smooth skin, nice long fingers) and he stood RIGHT next to me - his arm brushed mine, and I felt very young and giggly afterward! He's the coolest! He made small talk with me for a second or two, then quietly went back in his little room. So cool.

Other than that, I've been jobbin' it big time - have to pack up my classroom and deal with the rest of the teacher turn-in/teaching stuff that goes on at the end of the school year. I really can't wait until June 15th. Actually, the evening of June 14th will do just fine, considering I go see my OTHER jazz favorite, Cassandra Wilson that night. Wonder how I can fanangle a run-in with her!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're more than welcome. I'm glad you got to meet Mr. Redman in person!

4:36 AM  

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