Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thanks, SP!!!

I got a package in the mail yesterday!!! Thank you, SP!!!!!!! It was filled with lovelies - you'll have to trust me for now. For some reason I can't upload pictures right now, but they're coming!

In the package was a notions bag - great for all the DPNs and circular needles I have, and in my most favorite colors right now - chocolate (brown) and that baby-turquoise-y blue that's everywhere right these days. I just bought some new running shoes that had that color on them. I LOVE that color - yum! Thanks, SP - how'd you know????

Also in the package was a sweet card, The Action Heroine's Handbook that my pal got at the Spy Museum downtown, and some home-made stitch markers. Markers made with seed beads. OMG I can't even begin to THINK of the patience needed for working with seed beads. It's probably similar to the amount needed to do lacework with laceweight yarn. As in - something I don't have!!. It's really funny that she was in "my town" the weekend that she went to the Spy Museum, but since it wasn't time to reveal, plus she and I were both crazy busy that weekend, so we didn't meet up. That would have been fun. I really can't wait to see who my pal is. I have the feeling that she is probably a blogger that I "visit" frequently, but haven't put all the pieces together yet! How funny will that be?!?


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