Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Things, Things, Things!!!

Oh my - there's a lot going on right now. This is my "last week" with The Boy for the summer. I'm off to work beginning next Wednesday. He's off to camp all next week as well. He loves it there. I'm so glad he's "into" school. Occasionally, during the school year, he needs/requests a break, but basically, he's all about going to school. Claims he misses "all of them" - as in his friends, his teacher, etc. Great! Keep up the good attitude!

We also just finished with The Boy's first ever swimming lessons. Such a dork for a mother, though, I forgot to bring a camera to either of the lessons that I was allowed to watch (only the first and the last were able to be witnessed by parents). He did great, though. I don't know how much stock I place on astrology, but he's definitely a water sign (Pisces, the fish by most calendars) because he is the first one in the water and absolutely fearless once in there. He actually tried to argue with the teacher on the first lesson about where to stand to jump in the pool! He wanted to jump from back on the deck/bricks, but she insisted he step down on to the filter/grates, which is closer to the water. UGH. I think I'm glad I couldn't watch all the practices! I don't need gray hairs yet! And after all that, he was one of the ones that was "passed" on to the next level - Floaters since he's not afraid of the water at all and has basic swimming skills. He can go underwater, float with assistance (although he loves to "swim" - yes SWIM back to the steps to wait his turn when the teacher is finished with him), retrieve an object (ring) off the bottom of the pool, etc. He's amazing. He'll be swimming by Christmas, because we are signing him up again for this next round!

I'm also trying my best to keep up with my eDiets group in the Summer of Success challenge. I signed up to be captain of my team (actually, I'm acting as co-captain with another member), but that requires even more computer savviness than needed for blogging (think really, really having to know HTML!), so I'm not quite where I should be. I think eDiets is very motivating - just the kick in the pants I needed to get my butt back in gear. So far I've lost a bit over 20 pounds (my official weigh-in isn't until Monday, but the scale dipped below my 20 pound mark this afternoon, so I'm very optimistic that I've finally reached this first goal. Now just 20 more to go!! I feel so much better already, and I know I'm healthier because of it, so i'm really happy where I am right now (but I'm still going for those next 20!!!!).

And of course, there's also trying to get control of my knitting ADD!!!! I've been turned on to knitting dishcloths - very addicting. I made three this past weekend. One for the kitchen sink for all to use, one with a big heart on it, at The Boy's request, for The Boy's baths, and one for myself. Fun! Practically instant gratification! Can't beat that. Meanwhile, though, there's still my Tempting II sweater. The 1x1 ribbing was really bothering my hands. I think carpal tunnel was looming near. But I cut way back and only did two or so rows each day, and finally made it through the 15(+) rows that I needed to fit me. I've also done one sleeve so far. I've altered the pattern slightly, and chose to make the sleeves long enough to reach my elbows - more like the sweater in The Devil Wears Prada - looks so much like Tempting II, and worn with a white collared shirt underneath, it will give me more wear out of the design. So now one more sleeve - 6 3/4 inches long (!) and I can begin the final stages - attaching sleeves and knitting the band to go around the off-the-shoulder neckline! Woo hoo! Maybe I'll get taken out to dinner or something and I can wear it in style!

Then, I also want to knit:

Sizzle (from Wendy/Knit N Tonic)
Clapotis for my cousin (already started when I needed a break from Tempting)
Red Hat socks for my former MIL
Convertible for mom (actually, almost finished - worked on a lot during The Boy's swimming lessons, which I wasn't allowed to actually watch - lots of knitting done then!)

I have more I'd like to start, but only so much time to start them. Then there's the dishcloths that I actually joined a KAL group for. I belong to a similar sock group, which just posted their new sock pattern, and it's one I really want to try. AND - as if that isn't enough, I signed up for SockWars
. I will probably get picked off in the first week, but I can't resist, especially when it comes to socks!! Sign me up!!! What about you?


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