Monday, June 05, 2006


I think it's official. I am square. Or, at least the projects I am working on currently are. All of them. Every single one. (Even those 6th Sense Socks I'm trying to ignore have boxes on them!)

First, there's Clapotis. It's technically a rectangle, but, a rectangle is a special kind of square, yes? Or is it the other way around? Either way - straight, even lines, no special shaping - it is square. Currently, I'm waiting for more Koigu to arrive so that I can finish it at the proper size, so it's an "on hold" item. Booo! I really like knitting this - simple construction (that I could not possibly have come up with myself), but it really makes a beautiful finished piece. Brilliant!

Then, there's this for my mother for Christmas. Again, rectangular/square. But this is made with Koigu, Kersti. Rainbow colored Koigu at that. The dancing rainbow colors seduce you into ignoring the fact that you are basically just knitting back and forth. Granted, it is lace I am creating, but it's square just the same. As quickly as this project seems to be going, I'm thinking that my next lace project for the Amazing LACE should be honest-to-goodness lace. I mean, lace with a million tiny, strategically placed holes that drive you insane. Yeah, that kind. Then I might feel older and accomplished, and capable of doing something that someone else can't. Then again, when I discover that I truly can't do it, I may get really bummed out and upset with myself. I'll probably have to cast on for about 10 different "new" projects at once to compensate for the disappointment. I'll have to think on it for a while.

Lastly, there's one current project that really makes me happy (not that Clapotis and Convertible don't "do" it for me, but this project really makes me sing. It's a baby blanket, somewhat converted from the pattern for the Cable Baby Blanket by Krista Reder. This makes me very happy because it is 1) for my former SIL and her soon-to-be baby. The baby is due in October. I'm thinking that with the switch to sturdy, washable Red Heart baby yarn instead of heavier, worsted weight wool, it will probably take me that long to knit it. That's okay, the plain portion in the center gives me just enough wiggle room to watch TV (or The Boy) while I knit. Then I only have to get enoug peace to do those two beautiful, somewhat quick cables on the sides every four rows. This is the second reason I love this project - 2) it's my first try at cables. YUM! I love them. I've been avoiding them for so long, but they can't be simpler. Or more beautiful.

Okay, final note before signing off for the day - here's me wearing my finished Somewhat Cowl today. Today's high temperature was about 75. As soon as I heard that, I knew I could get away with FINALLY wearing my sweater. I really like it! Very comfy, and I felt great wearing it. SCORE!
And, a gratuitous picture of The Boy. He just can't resist when a camera is clicking. Notice how he snuck into the picture of my SWC?? Maybe I should rename him The Ham. Or Big Cheese! Here's the evidence:


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