Sunday, May 14, 2006

Love, Love, Love

I think i'm in love. Seriously. In. Love.

With my Koigu!!!! :O)

Looky how it looks so far for my clapotis:

I'm calling it my "Impressionist Clapotis" because the colors remind me of a field that Monet himself would have painted. They must be geniuses over at that Koigu place. I'm thinking of proposing marriage. It's that serious. And never mind that I cast on for something before I actually finished one of my works in progress. I had to do it. Once I decided that the Koigu would look great in a Clapotis, it was all I could think of! So serious.

In other knitting news, I'm ALMOST FINISHED MY Somewhat Cowl!!! Yay! Here it is as of bedtime last night. I've worked a bit more today.

Now, both sleeves are finished. I just have to pick up the neckline stitches and knit that 6" cowl. No prob. As long as I can ignore the call of the Koigu long enough, I should have a new sweater by the middle of the week. No prob. . . . Huh? What was that? Did you hear someone say "Monet"??????????


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