Monday, May 08, 2006

Sheep and Wool photos

Brace yourself. You may get dizzy looking at this wonderful shash enhancement!

This is the purchase from Ellen's Half Pint Farms. Wonderful. If only I were rich.

And from Little Barn. These folks are from Alabama. They must make kind, wonderful, thrifty people in Alabama, because this was an AWESOME booth! Wonderful yarns at bargain basement prices, a huge fan to cool you off while you stand in a HUMONGOUS LINE carrying tons of wool fibers, and free water at the checkout counter to boot! Wooohoo!

You can see the cotton sock yarns that were only $3.75 each! Yay! And, the wonderful purple (!) alpaca that I plan to make the Glampyre Knits Renaissance Keyhole sweater with! Again, wonderful! What a bargain - each skein was $2.75! I bought a bag, just in case!

KOIGU! My stash has no Koigu! This is the only purchase that was not really "planned." As in, I didn't set out to necessarily buy some Koigu at the S&W, but since there was a reasonably small pile to sift through at Carodan Farms, I was able to make a decision and buy some of this along with some reinforcing yarn for my mother. Now I am coming up with plans for this yarn. I wish I had gotten one more skein to do a Clapotis, but am still considering doing it in a smaller overall size with what I have. Ever since I connected the two - Koigu and Clapotis, it's all I can really see for this yarn!

Clearview Farms sells this wonderful yarn, called Cestari. I am knitting the Somewhat Cowl in a green heather colorway from a previous visit to S&W. This time, the yarn has been updated. Instead of 75% cotton 25% wool, it's now blended with a touch of silk as well. Oh yeah! I'm thinking Picovoli now. Seems to make sense!


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