Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weird Things.

So, I was tagged the other day, by Becky for the Weird Things meme. You know, 8 weird things about yourself, yadda . . .

Not that I think any of these things are TRULY weird, but here ya go:

1. I moved home three years ago after my divorce, and have yet to leave, even though this place can drive me crazy.

2. I have five UFOs on the needles (that I can remember, and not including WIPs) I finish plenty, but it seems plenty also goes unfinished!

3. I used to carry a purse until it fell apart on me. My former MIL influenced me so much in this area, that I now own at least 10 purses, and change regularly, if not with the outfit (The Boy tells me all the time “You have too many bags, Mommy!”) MIL is very proud.

4. I still love my former in-laws. They are strange, and quirky, and I love them, it’s their son I could kill occasionally, although we remain cordial for the sake of The Boy. Very big of us!

5. I earned my Master’s in Education (MAED) from The University of Phoenix – online. I flew to New York City one weekend to take their test for the Arizona teaching certificate. I am certified to teach in AZ even though I have never set foot in the state! (Is this actually 3 weird things in one?)

6. My son, had he been a girl, would have been named Cassandra, after Cassandra Wilson. LOVE her.

7. Even though I am a first grade teacher, I have the most awful handwriting ever – UNTIL I have to write on the board/overhead/anything for my kids. Then, it looks like a stinkin’ textbook! Even I think this is weird!

8. I am in love with a man who is scared to death of my son, and I STILL can’t shake the fact that I love him.

Tag, you're it: Jill, Lacy, Theresa, Lou, Laurie. Hope you are not offended, ladies, but I tagged ya cause I love ya! We're talking BIG TIME stalking here!



Blogger Theresa said...

A wardrobe isn't complete without at least 10 purses! :)

Thanks for the meme tag. I just put mine up.

Oh, if you start a knitting group, I'll definitely try to come down for at least one meetup.

3:47 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Aww, thanks Theresa - the Baltimore group is just a bit far for me - that corner of Baltimore is hard to get to on a good day! I'm still checking into venues - either "my" Starbucks or a local coffee shop are my picks right now - gotta scope 'em out!

8:16 PM  

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