Saturday, July 15, 2006


So, a friend of mine keeps telling me I should post about more "things" and less "knits" here on this blog. I would tell hiim to mind his own business, but, well, he's good company, and I'm hoping he'll help me set up my brother-in-law's new "I'm away in Iraq" blog, so I'll try my best!

Right now, the "things" in my life consist of my son (favorite topic, he ranks even BEFORE knitting!), getting ready for my first year back in the classroom (teaching first grade, of all things!), and being really, really tired of living in my parents house AGAIN! So, let's take this list in order:

1. The Boy. He's getting ready to go away for a week with his dad, and I'm bummed out. Sure, he's been extremely defiant, not listening to any of my "suggestions" until they're followed by a timeout or a swat on the rump, but I'm still going to miss having him around. Seems like our wonderful summer full of plans has flown by at lighting speed. Technically, I only have him to myself for one more week! Besides the week with daddy next week, he goes to summer camp with his school buddies the following week, so adventure days are out that week, too. 9-3 camp days don't leave much time for exploring museums, going to the aquarium in Baltimore, or venturing off to the beach for the day! We will have to pack a lot into the first week in August, since I report for work on August 7th. Wow, that was quick.

2. Very quick. Yesterday, it seems, I was finishing my student teaching, and tomorrow, it seems, I go to work, officially, as a teacher in Prince George's County! Well, actually, it was March when my student teaching ended, and I go in on Tuesday for orientation! Now let's pray I get a handle on first graders really quickly!

3. I am SO over going back to my parents house to get back on my feet after the divorce. Now that I've finished my degree, I want OUT, ALREADY!! I have this plan of getting caught back up on the basics of my life - you know, the stuff you actually need a real, good, paying job for. Student teaching just won't do, and working as a teaching assistant for barely minimum wage (exaggeration, but still . . .) just doesn't cut it! So, on my list is updating the glasses and getting my contacts back, updating my wardrobe, paying back the parents, and putting money away for the "what if" fund. Then, once I have money for deposits and such in the bank, I'm outta here. I can't wait to be on my own again. It seems like my life has been on permanent stall for the last two and a half years, and I really, really, REALLY need to GET MY LIFE BACK!

Okay, done rambling. How's that for "things"??? :O)


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