Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Finished Object

I finished another piece of knitting. It's my Clapotis, from Knitty
. I really love it. It all started when I picked up some Koigu at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May (on my birthday, no less)! One night I got it in my head that the yarn would look good in a Clapotis, and the next morning I got up, knit a swatch, and cast on for the project! Never mind that I only had 525 yards of yarn for a project that required 600 yards - I was going to make this work.

Needless to say, I had to put the project on hold while I searched for, then ordered, more yarn from the lovely Carodan
Farms (the place I got the yarn to begin with). I'm so glad they still had two skeins left. Look how good the finished project looks (but don't look at my horrible hairdo, or the mean look on my face):

Somehow, though, I think the folks over there at Koigu have been sniffing their own dyes for too long or something. Look how different the two skeins that Carodan Farms sent are:

HMMMMMMM, both marked for the same dye lot, but very different, don't you think? I wound up not needing the 5th skein (even though I knit two extra straight sections onto my Clapotis), so the "pinky" skein will become socks for some lucky person (probably ME)!

Now I'm off to rummage in the attic for any yarns I may have that would look good in my NEXT Clapotis, although I'm seriously considering making another in Koigu - a blue this time, for my son's wonderful teacher. She deserves it for handling this joker for the past year as well as the next two years coming! What a saint!


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